Native Mobile Apps

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Native Mobile Apps

Native apps are appropriate when you need to provide a complex or highly polished mobile experience. They support advanced features like augmented reality, location-based services and third-party device integration via technologies such as Bluetooth, WiFi or Near Field Communication (NFC).

These apps can help you to engage more customers, through excellent user experience and exciting, rich features. Turning your idea into a native app will also provide you with simple options to monetise your app. Native mobile apps can be distributed through selected app stores and promoted via mobile ad networks. Singleclic can provide apps intended to be free, paid or supported through in-app purchases.

Singleclic can lead you through all the stages of native app development:

  • creation and porting of mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone platforms
  • testing on a large number of the most popular devices (smartphones and tablets) to confirm the quality, create polished product and guarantee best user experience.
  • distribution to mobile App stores, handling the process from initial submission to release.