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Singleclic partnership with the Embassy of Cameroon

Cameroonian Embassy new revamped website

Following a series of fruitful meetings, the Cameroonian embassy in Egypt, has decided to contract Singleclic to develop its website and assist in implementing an online marketing strategy.

The new revamped website, includes a responsive design that adheres to the...

Singleclic partnership with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs

New partnership with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Singleclic has been awarded the contract by the ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kuwait to digitize the ministry’s correspondences process with IBM’s Business process management. 

The system will handle all types of correspondences (as External, Internal, Memos, Decisions) for paper less environment, organization chart , print and read One...

The ingredients for the ultimate app-making

The ingredients for the ultimate app-making

For people looking at the mobile industry from the outside, it might seem like creating an app only requires coding skills. However, those who live and breathe mobile on a daily basis, know that it takes so much more than that. Mobile is a thriving and competitive industry that, in order for an app to “get its head above water” and compete with...

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design Advantages

A study carried out by Compuware revealed that 57% of users would never recommend a company with a bad website. Considering that more and more people access the internet using mobile devices each day, one should say that most websites are adapted to mobile. But that's not the case, as only about 2% are. And smartphones are not the only problem...